Whittaker Lomac 15″ Carpet cleaner review

Whittaker Lomac 15" Carpet cleaner review

The Whitaker Lonac 15” carpet cleaner is something I encountered several weeks ago. I needed to shampoo my carpets and was considering renting one of the large models from the store. Although I use a carpet cleaner rarely, the $30 price tag for a one night rental seemed like a little much for someone who still has to clean his carpet several times per year.

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I decided to break down and look for a small carpet cleaner at a reasonable price. I found many models available, including the Dirt Devil carpet cleaner. I went with the Whitaker Lonac 15” model on the advice of a friend. The store took a while to get the item out and to my car, but I had it up and running in a few minutes once I took it into my house.

lomac-carpet-cleaning-machineThe device may not have as much power as the large carpet cleaners a person rents at the store, but the truth is that most people do not need this type of industrial strength cleaning. After going over my carpets carefully, several months of grime were removed for the carpets. My floors looked as good as they did when they first moved in. That's all I ask for from my carpet cleaning devices. The small price tag did not hurt either.

As a side bonus, I could easily store it in the closet. I may not need it again for a long while, but at least it will be there when I am ready to use it again.

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